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:: how jedi are you? ::

Thought it would be Yoda, but no.

This one was pretty damn obvious

Random survey time

You are a Bard!

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

Not often I get the same as Gareth. Possibly because there wasn't a "depressed" option ;-)

Random test of the day

And this time it's an insult.

My insulting name is Jesusfreak Humungousbottom!
What's yours?

(Top marks for the Jesusfreak bit.)

Stupid bloody surveys

Cleodhna and Selina got Vermont. I get bloody New Jersey.

where are YOU from?|

No other useful urban options. Feh.

Even cooler URL

Another Gareth-related thing: you can now get to this livejournal through

See? See? Livejournals better than roleplaying

Thanks to Gareth, I now know what my Star Wars character is going to be.

Well, sort of. I knew he was going to be one of those cool dreadlock-tentacle guys out of Episode II. Now I know he's going to be called Kinsa Lolon. Actually, that means he's going to be a she. Excellent.

I think her dreadlocks will change colour depending on moods.

Good News Guardian

Today's Guardian (note: that link will take you to your today's Guardian, not the today at time of writing) was full of Good News. To wit:

  • A Select Committee has said a whole bunch of things that Made Sense, like a) Cannabis isn't that harmful; b) Ecstacy is harmful, but if we say it's as harmful as Cocaine and Heroin we'll be laughed at; c) we should make a difference between people selling to their mates, and people selling to punters, and often cutting drugs with heinous stuff to make margin.
  • David Irving will lose his house in Mayfair, after spectacularly losing a libel case against Penguin Books, who publised a book saying he was a revisionist and a fascist (OK, so I don't remember the exact words)
  • Choughs are being re-introduced to Cornwall - albeit probably because they were normally nesting in Brittany and got blown over.

On the down-side, though, the US are still fuckwits.

Episode II

Gareth didn't like Episode II, and I can see why. I was cringing in a fetal position for most of the love-story dialogue - George Lucas has gone on record (fourth paragraph) saying he's not keen on dialogue, but in that case he should get someone in to polish his script and not make the love-story dialogue (and, to some extent, most of the introductory Basil Exposition dialogue) just plain daft. It sounds like you're listening to the dubbed version of a Hong Kong action movie. In many ways Episode II is a better film than, say, Star Wars, arguably the worst member of the original trilogy - overall. But in the same way that Episode I was fairly good - if you missed out Jar Jar Binks, and for those Star Wars fans that hated Jar Jar, yes, he's not in this any much as much, but when he is in it, he's millions times worse - Episode II is pretty good - if you miss out the dialogue. Hell, even Yoda's dialogue is not good enough. His mannerisms are spot-on, he does a lot of that sideways-looking narrowing-eyes wise old Jedi master thing, but, for crying out loud, his dialogue is mostly syntactical. What the hell is going on here? Fundamentally, George Lucas doesn't care about most of the dialogue, and cannot ad-lib Yoda's stuff in the way Frank Oz can, and he should have let someone else do that. Don't get me wrong: this is, in many ways, a better film that Episode I, and not a bad Star Wars film. In a way, when you see the familiar Star Wars logo and opening synopsis trail up the screen, you know you're watching yet another Star Wars film, and I suppose that's true to George Lucas' contention that this is like a hokey '30s pulp film. But it could have been so much better. (In the hands of a director who cared about actors, for instance - none of the actors who are already good are anything other than wooden. Samuel L. Jackson, Ewan MacGregor, Christopher Lee, Ian McDiarmuid are fine - well, you'd expect them to be. Natalie Portman is OK, Hayden Christopher is appalling.) I've thought a fair bit, though, about the nature of the Force, and of the Jedi, and this is giving me a number of useful ideas about Earthsea, which I'm planning to run in the autumn. A couple of extra things. First of all, and even though everyone I know with a livejournal, pretty much, has mentioned this before, well, I'm getting married. The web site I'm linking to says it more than I could say here (i.e. I've thought about the web site more than this post), so go and look at it. Shoo. Secondly, surveys:

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Find your emotion!

I suppose that's reasonable enough.

Radio 4 weirdness

The clock radio went off this morning, and I snooze-buttoned through a fair bit of Radio 4 before I found this fantastic quiz called "Wildbrain" about wildlife, of all things. The contestants were being asked (and answering correctly, which had be gob-smacked) questions about Falkland Island penguins, Mexican jumping beans, snakes named after Monty Python, and so on. It's apparently a weekly thing, and there's more about it on their web site.

Further mullet comments

vampy mentions
Got mullet?
The t-shirt should ideally have something witty on the back. Of course, because the wearer has a mullet, you won't be able to see the witty comment, because it will be obscured by hair.

An idea I just had in the shower

Mulletman! His only super power is to be able to give people (or things), instantaneously, mullets. Bald guy needs his hair back? *Zot* - he's got a nice new mullet. (I imagine Mulletman hangs out with porn actors a lot.)

He can also do this to objects, too. Say Mulletman wants to climb a skyscraper. He points to a first-storey window, *zot* - it has a mullet, which he can then climb up. He then points to the drainpipe, or a second-storey window, and so on, until he reaches the top. (He can't just give the skyscraper a mullet, as that would only reach down to about the top third.)

Cleodhna protests that he's a bit rubbish. Well, yes. But he's not as bad as Hitler-Moustache-Guy.

My first Google bomb

The link above is a story of VeriSign (who are an evil company) and some guy who lost his domain. At time of writing it's at about number 25 or so; let's see how high it gets.

Feh. Useless quiz

You are Country!

Hopelessly smitten with a bunch of no-good two-timing bastards, you are Country music. You are a sweet and honest person most of the time... too bad those close to you aren't. Your main theme is angst, broken hearts, and general mistreatment by those you love. whether they are truly bastards or you do something to provoke this is not clear, but one thing's certain: you are tired of having your feelings toyed with.
Take the what music genre are you quiz by PsychosisX!

I hate country.

Another quiz

You Are A Changeling
Take the World of Darkness Quiz
by David J Rust

When I first took this, I ended up being half Mage half Changeling - so it just gave me a blank space. Turned out there was a tie-breaker question - which I answered, er, Werewolf. Somewhat broken quiz, I think.

Random test time

You are 30% evil! [?]
You're still on the good side of 50%, but you're gaining on it. You're not as good as you should be, but you're good ALMOST all of the time. There's only an occasional time when evil takes over you, but when it does...