Toilet humour

Movements in graffiti in the Postgraduates' Club this past week.

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Some graffiti is mindless rubbish, but there are the occasional gems. One such example I found in a book of quotations a few years ago went as follows:

My mother made me a homosexual
[(In different writing)] If I gave her the wool, would she make me one too?

Now, the men's toilets in the Postgraduates' Club have a couple of notice boards that are used to pin official posters on. Often, though, they're empty, and over the last month or so a number of random doodles or strange, unconnected words, have turned up. Some time between Tuesday and Friday last week, someone went and scratched them off.

Hence the following, written in pen on the back of the cubicle door, which was otherwise unadorned:

Why no graffiti in the post-grad club? Discuss.

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