Stuff I can't be bothered blogging at length, but that you should know anyway.

OK, here goes.

September 11th, the American Empire, the US balance of trade deficit, winning the Cold War, Iraq, and why they're all related: Wes Clark has a pretty convincing analysis. I do really hope he plays some part in the next US administration, whether it's VP, Secretary of State or (gasp) President. I'm not certain that he could be President, but he's too smart to waste. There's some more background reading at Calpundit.

Also from Calpundit, how libertarians should feel about cannibalism.

Oh, and read his piece about how Texas educational achievements are nothing more than a crude attempt at cooking the books.

Meanwhile, a much-linked-to post from David Raitt solves the problem of how Bush could have claimed to have got rid of the WMDs in Iraq.

And Atrios reminds us that we should read this Guardian article about Guantanamo bay. The Guardian since reports that the US military has fired defence lawyers who were over-zealous on such extreme stuff as representing their client without the prosecution breathing over their shoulder.

Old news, and I'm not sure why the Democrats have linked to the French-language version, but I hadn't ranted about the sheer crassness of that backdrop behind Bush. Everyone in the UK refers to the place Bush had his speech as Banqueting Hall - which seems reasonable, as it appears to be only part of the original Whitehall Palace - but the Bush people had to bring in a huge backdrop and bludgeon into Faux News viewers' heads that he was in the UK. Sigh.

And finally (yes, this is the joke link), there's a LiveJournal community dedicated to scurvy (via JWZ, mostly because I read his blog before Boing Boing who also have it). They hate vitamin C and tell happy war tales of their teeth falling out. Most odd.