My next super-hero character: Good Hitler

Germany's most famous painter.

I was talking to Cleodhna how, the next time I play a super-hero, I want to play a truly, honestly good guy - but with, nonetheless, a bit of an edge. Maybe the incarnation of a country or concept, or the reincarnation of someone from the past (with superpowers). And Cleodhna suggested Good Hitler.

After a while, we decided on a good origin story.

This guy - let's call him Marc Shostrum - goes back in time and shoots Hitler, ideally before he's done anything particularly evil. Satisfied, he then goes back to his original time, only to discover that Hitler didn't die, and did all the things that Mr Shostrum remember him doing. So what happened?

Well, clearly, when Marc shot Adolf Hitler, he created a rift in the space-time continuum. Where there was just one universe, there were now two parallel universes: one where Hitler lived, and one where Hitler didn't. When Shostrum went back to his own time, he went back to the time he remembered - because he didn't have any experience of the new timeline he had created. Thus, nobody from outside had any knowledge of the new without-Hitler timeline.

According to the observer effect, therefore, the alternate reality had very little internal stability, and promptly collapsed. The representative, or perhaps the incarnation, of this alternate reality, Good Hitler, therefore finds himself suddenly in Marc Shostrum's time, with no real knowledge of where he came from.

Oh, and needless to say, as Adolf Hitler's Good Twin, he does not have a moustache.