Don't like oysters? Try the vegetarian kind

Made from seaweed - albeit not very well at the moment.

What's a company supposed to do when they can't entirely make their salmon-farming setup 100% sustainable? For Loch Duart, the answer is to farm seaweed to replace valuable nutrients in the loch - and then to market seaweed byproducts as, er, vegetarian oysters.

No idea yet whether the vegetarian variety will have the same aphrodisiac qualities as its natural version allegedly possesses, and they're being very quiet for the moment on what they'll use for a shell. Hell, they're not even that good at growing the original seaweed yet, let alone turning it into a shellfish replica. Still, it looks more likely to succeed than the guy who decided to grow oysters with built in ring pulls - to avoid the countless injuries caused by mishaps with oyster-opening knives - and to make back the additional cost by selling advertising on them. "It will make for a fun kids' snack as well", I seem to remember him saying at the time. (This was about 15 years ago, so I don't expect to find a better account online - sorry.)