The "previous jobs" section was the dead giveaway

"President of the United States" - yes, Bill Clinton is being called up for jury duty

Dushon Foster lives in the Bronx and is a member of the Bloods. He is accused of murdering a fellow gang member to improve his station in the gang, and his case is currently in the jury pre-selection stage. Prosecution and defence are currently going through 150 questionnaires filled out by prospective jurors, and attention has focused on juror 142.

Most of his responses are uneventful, in fact would tend towards him being selected as a juror; he is willing to serve, has the spare time, and is not connected with the case. The main problem lies in his answer to the "Previous jobs" section. "President of the United States."

Yes, Bill Clinton is being called up for jury duty (New York Times, via JWZ), and while they appreciate the offer, the prosecution would rather not have the publicity, not to mention Clinton's previous involvements with the law (most recently his pardon of Marc Rich shortly before leaving office).

Pity. And I bet Clinton must have enjoyed filling in the questionnaire. I mean, in his position, how often does he get to fill in one of those legal questionnaires and proudly write "I used to be President, you know"?