Organic Fair Trade bananas

What's not to like?

Cleodhna was role-playing at Brian's tonight, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even the out of character comments - for instance, Al's recollection of having blue light bulbs when he was "a teenager trying to be interesting" (Brian had wanted to get blue light bulbs for tonight's creepy horror). But she didn't like the Penguin biscuits someone had arrived with - nasty, artificial, vaguely cocoa-tasting - and at that point had a real craving for the organic Fair Trade bananas we have a home.

And she's right. I mean, they're fruit, so they're good for you. And they're organic, so they taste better and they're better for the environment. And they're Fair Trade, so they're better for the farmers in Third World countries.

They're Fully Buzzword Compliant. And they taste wonderful. They're comfort food for the soul.