Source of the 45 minutes claim found

Claims don't actually amount to much.

The Telegraph reports (via Instapundit) more claims from the man who told UK intelligence sources that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction that it could launch in 45 minutes.

Note that this is still one source, and he could still be lying (or misinformed). Remember, the concerns that intelligence sources had at the time were that a) they didn't have any corroboration for this story, and b) that they thought it was wrong.

The interesting thing, to me, is the type of WMD that are claimed here. Despite much of the rest of the dossier being about missiles that could hit Israel or British bases in Cyprus, even today, the source only says Iraq had battlefield chemical or biological weapons (he doesn't know which). They were prepared for the "inevitable" (according to Saddam) US invasion of Iraq.

Let me get this straight. We went to war because one guy, who our guys didn't particularly trust, said that if we did, we'd be shot at - by some unspecified form of weaponry. Where, in all of this, is the threat by Iraq to its neighbours?