Mark Pilgrim's garden has some new visitors

"It's like a flash mob, only with trees."

Also, we have trees now. I am writing this now to serve as a reminder to myself when I read this in the morning, to remember to take pictures of our trees and post them. They came while i was in DC. I left, and we had no trees. I came back, and suddenly we have all these trees. It's like a flashmob, only with trees. And spread over the course of several days, so it's a little different. And I have to water them every day, so that's different too. If you try to water a flashmob, they get angry, and, I don't know, maybe stick around for an extra five minutes in protest. OK, it's nothing like a flashmob. Bad analogy. Let's start over.

There's a whole lot more stuff (even some more stuff about trees), but this was my favourite bit.

With the possible exception of:

These days, these are the days. Did you ever wonder which days you’d someday look back on and say "those were the days"? These are those days.

As someone said in the comments: "I need the occasional heart-felt, meaningful post among the rest of the drivel I read on a daily basis. Thank you."