Updates on previous blog entries

Because I was going through my archives and realised that some of the stuff needs additions or corrections.

"We gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in.": they're still at it. Such choice quotes as "Every measure was taken to avoid a war. [...] [Saddam Hussein] refused all international demands to account for those weapons." Am I the only one who remembers the weapons inspectors reporting that they were succeeding in their mission, and wanted more time?

It turns out that I'm not. A couple of days ago Al Gore powerfully denounced the murky workings of the Bush Administration in a speech that is well worth reading. (This via the Daily Kos.) If you find yourself nodding off, fine, but at least read the last paragraph. Perhaps the most telling part: "I believe that we must stand for a future in which the United States will again be feared only by its enemies".

John Leslie can't have it both ways: The man was since cleared

NASA launches another Mars probe: I was informed recently that NASA use nautical miles because the curvature of the Earth is important if you're a) travelling a long distance by sea and b) leaving the planet. It's still ridiculous that we're using such bogus imperial measurements for something as tricky as space travel.

Why make it difficult for me to buy stuff: The company won't sell its products overseas because it doesn't have a distributor. It will ship them from the US, if you're happy paying roughly twice the price of the speakers themselves in packing (this isn't quite as bad if you're buying really expensive kit). Pah. Yes, they did reply to my emails, but you wonder how difficult it would have been to have said that on the website.