Howard Dean takes on SUVs

Wants to get rid of the loophole that means that SUVs don't have to be energy-efficient.

See the entry on Lisa Rein's Radar for more details. QuickTime only (no transcripts as of yet), but if you've got broadband it should be well worth it.

Incidentally, as soon as Dean started to mention renewable energies, I said to myself "I hope he mentions what the Scandinavians are doing" - after all, there's a lot of money (and jobs) to be made in engineering solutions to capt wind energy, which Scandinavia seems to have gained a head start in doing. And wouldn't you know it, but he did.

Good for him. And I do like the chuztpah in a) citing Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican, as a role model in his opening lines; and b) naming, as one of the mid-western cities that would benefit from wind energy, Dallas. We need someone to take the fight to George Bush, and it looks like, for the moment, that person is Howard Dean.