Compare and contrast

Tony Blair wheels out the spin doctors against Clare Short.

Clare Short has threatened to resign from the UK cabinet if the UK attack Iraq without a second UN resolution that authorises the attack, or a UN resolution that describes how the country can be reconstructed. As a result, in almost identical language, and led by Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair's friends and cabinet ministers have expressed "surprise" at her only discovering her principles now.

Clare Short's lengthy period of silence followed by her insistence that enough is enough, and that things cannot continue in the same way, or things will get really, really, bad, cannot, of course, in any shape or form be compared to Bush and Blair's, er, lengthy period of silence followed by, er, er...

Feh. I'm voting LibDem next time, or SSP, depending on who can beat Labour.

Incidentally, Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer reckons Tony Blair isn't getting enough sleep. Worth reading.