Tony's just having fun now, surely?

Tony said to Parky:

Tony Blair is reconciled to the prospect that God and history will eventually judge his decision to go to war with Iraq, and says his decision, like much of his policymaking, was underpinned by his Christian faith.

Seriously, though: does he believe this stuff, or is he merely seeing how much stuff he can make Gordon Brown reiterate before he owns up and acknowledges that he was spouting complete and utter bullshit? (Given the alternatives, the fact that the current PM is playing Simon Says with the next PM would in many ways be more reassuring than many of the possible alternatives.)

EDIT: In a world where the debate about the Iraqi Civil War is no longer about whether, but about when, how does saying "Hey, Iraqis! I invaded you because I'm a Christian" help in any conceivable way?