Of the benefits of flexitime

Having packed 10 boxes full of stuff for our forthcoming move (there'll be at least 30-40 more), I find myself with somewhat of a lack of things to do. (Other than play the Sims, which quickly solves most problems involving spare time.)

This is the point where I really enjoy working from home. I can work at comparatively undemanding programming tasks tonight, and build up a stash of hours that would otherwise have been spent idling around, that I can then cash in to watch the football tomorrow ;-).

Incidentally, as I haven't posted about it before, here's the flat we're moving to (the schedule doesn't include the wonderfully jungly garden at the back, including a massive sycamore tree, nor the borderline illegal attic room that may or may not belong to us). No idea how long that link will last, sorry. The entry date is 14th July, a neat reversal of Bastille Day.