September 2006 Archives

Phone works again

Phone arrived this morning, is unlocked, has all my contacts moved over to it (it comes with a CD full of software and a USB cable for PC users; on a Mac the standard iSync stuff Just Works), and has a really nice camera. Everyone trying to phone me can now resume normal operations ;-).

An aside: when I said the iSync stuff Just Works, I mean that the contacts got copied over. That doesn't mean they were in any semblance of normality, though. For some stupid reason, my old Samsung phone sorts and displays phone book entries in last name, first name order, which is insane if you live in a country where people spell their names first name, last name. So the contacts in the Samsung ended up having people's names all in the last name part (because it wouldn't let me enter spaces in the first name) - which the Sony Ericsson phone decided meant that people should be called ". name". Sigh. If I didn't have an easy way of synching contacts between phone and computer, which therefore let me cut and paste easily rather than typing everything in again on a mobile phone keypad, I would be much more annoyed than I am ;-).

If you're trying to phone me...

...then either call Cleodhna, or our land line (0141 339 0212), as my phone number is currently in limbo. As part of my upgrade to a new phone, work also switched my number from Orange to O2. That would be fine if the phone number, and new SIM card, had actually turned up, but the couriers appear to have lost it. In the mean time, though, Orange have happily passed my number over to O2, so my old phone and SIM card no longer work. Bah.

Incidentally, the proposed solution to all of this is for work to order a second replacement phone, and physically hand it to me when I go down to London next week. Chances of all of this actually working? I wouldn't bet on it.

Cleodhna is wrong

In the old flat, Cleodhna would often warn me not to wheel my chair back, lest I back over the paws of some dog that was lying there.

Laszlo was lying behind my chair just now. I tried to wheel my chair back. I couldn't. Laszlo's paws were in the way.

New flat wins.

(According to the vet today, Laszlo is down from 42kg to 41kg, a perfect weight for a dog of his age and breed; his only problem is that his jaws are so strong that he destroys chew-treats too easily, before they've had a chance to scrape off some of the plaque that's building up on his teeth. Berkeley could afford to lose a kilo or two, but probably not three, as I understood it, and has perfect teeth. Neither of them have anything else wrong with them. Makes me wonder why we pay for pet insurance.)

Settling in

Laszlo appears comfortable. There's a fair few other photos available from the same source. Yeah, we appear to be settling in.