I love the 21st century

Cleodhna and I were talking about that company that will build secret doors into fake bookcases for your house, and how her friend Skarrn meant to have a secret door built into his house when it was being built, but forgot when he was away in Brazil, and so did his dad. (Skarrn met his wife in Brazil, so it wasn't a total loss.)

"I wonder what Skarrn's up to these days?" wondered Cleodhna, followed quickly with "I bet there's only one Skarrn Ryvnine in the world" (like Cleodhna, Skarrn changed his name when he was at Brattleboro), and then a quick Google search. She started clicking around, and at one point needed to remember what year she graduated, so she could chase up Skarrn.

"I could go try and find my diploma but I don't know where it is," she said. So she googled "Cleodhna Nightshade Marlboro" and the first entry told her when she graduated.

Could you have done any of these things ten years ago?