Music journalists, please know about music, part 2

Says the All Music Guide about Paul Simon's album "Surprise":

Simon was shifting toward this direction on You're the One, but he pushes even harder here, largely abandoning familiar song structures -- only two cuts here have something resembling a conventional chorus, and one of those is "Father and Daughter," originally released on the Wild Thornberrys soundtrack and the only track not treated by Eno -- for elliptical, winding songs that demand attention.

The first track (How can you live in the north-east) has a chorus. So does the third, Outrageous. And the fifth, Wartime prayers, the sixth, Beautiful, and the eighth, Another Galaxy. Arguably track 10, "That's me", is made up of choruses and middle eights with no actual verses, but I think I've got enough tracks with actual choruses already that I don't need to belabour the point.

Is it too much to ask for music journalists to know anything about music?

Update: the reviewer appears to have sock-puppetted in the comments.