Should you need Brit TV

I am happy to recommend The Box. It's an excellent resource if you don't have a PVR and either want a copy of a show you've just seen (I've downloaded all of the latest season of Doctor Who this way), or you've missed a show because you were playing video games (e.g. tonight's Match of the Day).

It's not your usual BitTorrent site because a) it only does UK TV shows (so if you're a license payer, you don't have to worry about copyright - this was originally free to air, so it's free to distribute), and b) all torrent files are keyed to your username, and if you leech more than you seed, you'll get the boot. As there's kudos to be gained from having a good upload/download ratio, that means that people keep seeding - so tonight's Match of the Day was downloading at 500 K/second at one point.

I'd say more, but as I said, MOTD has just downloaded, and I'm off to watch it. Even though an unwise visit to the BBC News website told me the result of the Arsenal game. If for some reason the site is limiting sign-ups, I've got a hatful of invites.