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The Obama campaign saves the best for last

Note to current and future parents: This Is How It's Done

Warren Ellis's daughter is 13. She has the Internet. So does he.

"This never would have happened when Tim Russert was our GM"

Today's phrase

You kids, get off my lawn!

Government health warning: This person is not a real Sam Kington. You can tell because he supports Liverpool, likes rap, drives flash cars, and the main thing on his personal page is a tribute to a mostly-rubbish bike racer.

It's weird to find a namesake after all these years of having a unique name. (I suspect I'm the only Kington in France, for instance. I was once bored and did a phone book search for about a quarter of the d├ępartements before giving up.) If I had any meaningful contact with my father's side of the family (he didn't, so why should I?) I'd be intrigued about whether we were related; as I don't, I'm happy to gleefully dismiss someone probably related to me as someone I nonetheless still don't want to have anything to do with. (See also Have a Dysfunctional Families Day.)

BTW, work: I forget why I was egosurfing, but it wasn't because I was planning on leaving and wanted to make sure there wasn't anything damaging about me online.

How geeky can you get?

Spotted in the Daily Kos:

It's the political equivalent of the Star Wars Christmas Special. What a complete wreck.

You're blogging about US Congressional politics and you're confident that your readers will get your obscure Star Wars references? Yeah, that's pretty geeky.