About those US elections

A friend of Ezra Klein writes in:

I say this as a Pats fan who watched my team waltz to the edge of immortality and then stumble on a banana peel: The irrational, We'll-Always-Lose side of me is preemptively angry at Nate Silver for all of his damn science. I mean, how many times can you publish blog posts along the lines of, "We just ran 10,000 simulations and McCain only won twice. In both those instances, the simulation factored in a suitcase nuke detonating atop the Washington Monument at exactly midnight the evening before the election, immediately followed by odd wind patterns, with the resultant fallout causing bald eagles to plummet to their deaths by the thousands over key parts of Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida," before the gods of overconfidence catch wind of it?

(That'll be this Nate Silver.)