How the Internet affects the newspaper market

So I'm filling out a survey for, and it's pretty US-centric - it asks me which TV shows I watch, for instance, and they're all US network or cable channel news shows. Then it comes to the "Which newspapers do you read, in print or online" question, and the options are:

USA Today The Wall Street Journal The Washington Times The Guardian The Christian Science Monitor The Jerusalem Post Roll Call The New York Times The Boston Globe The Financial Times The Washington Post The Philadelphia Inquirer National Journal The Hill The Los Angeles Times The Chicago Tribune

Now, you can understand the Financial Times being there - it's a major English-language financial newspaper and has been for ages - and the Jerusalem Post presumably has the same cachet among American Jews. But the Guardian doesn't have such a history of print distribution in the US: it's on this list purely because of its online audience. Which is pretty impressive, even if this is a survey of blog readers.