If you're a 30-something English-speaking geek, this will push all your buttons. Bonus points if you do - or did at some point - sing in a choir. So what I'm saying is: this is for Jamie, but pretty much everyone else I know will like it too. Via Andrew Ducker.

Given that the cultural references stop at about 1990, but this is only possible because of the Youtube revolution of the last few years, this video is inherently dated in such a way as it may be Proust's madeleine of my generation, but all of my contemporaries' children will be almost unanimously united in a "what the hell is that all about?" sort of way.

I love the Internet.

Addendum (spoilers for Dune, if you haven't read it):

Cleodhna and her sister Stalszve had a silly little song when they were kids that went like this, as I recall from her telling it to me:

The worm is the spice, the spice is the worm. Keep the rhythm out of your stride. His eyes are blue within blue Because he is the Kwisatz Haderach

This doesn't scan very well (and that was indeed part of the comedy of the whole thing). But it occurs to me that you could easily sing it to the Indiana Jones theme tune, lengthening a few words like "stri-i-ide", Kwisatz Haderach in general etc.