Things I saw on the Internet that you need to see too

Because this is the future, it's video you can download in nothing but a flash. Because it's still human society, it's three different Flash video players. Oh, and some owls.

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Via jwz

And this week’s Zero Punctuation (you do read Zero Punctuation, don’t you?):

The final throwaway line of what is ostensibly a video game review, describing morbidly obese people as looking like they smuggle tripe for a living (highlight to un-spoiler) explains why, even if you have no interest in video games, you should nonetheless watch Zero Punctuation every Wednesday: like Penny Arcade, it manages to be obsessive and detailed about video games while still remaining inherently funny.

Edit: Oh, and pretty much everyone is blogging the Daily Show’s takedown of CNBC, and their so-called financial expertise:

Incidentally, if Flash video bothers you / makes your machine slow, and you’re running Safari on Mac OS X, download Click to Flash. It replaces any Flash content with a simple gradient, and only loads the (bloated and system-hogging) Flash if you decide it’s something you actually want to see. It’s worth it just to avoid annoying animated ads.

And if you don’t like video, here’s some more owls: Two owls, one snootier than the other

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