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Alien epistolary fanfic

A brilliant short story about Weyland-Yutani stuffing and mounting an alien went missing from Google. I'm trying to put it back.

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Earlier today I was looking for a short story, in epistolary format, about a bunch of Weyland-Yutani scientists lumbered, thanks to corporate scheming, with stuffing and mounting an alien. (Which is tricky given the damn thing has an exoskeleton.)

Well, eventually a kind soul on the Internet found it, and it turns out that the website has decided to ban Google from viewing all but the preamble - which, of course, includes none of the important keywords that I’d used to try and narrow this particular fan-fiction.

So yeah. A bunch of Weyland-Yutani scientists emailing each other about how to stuff and mount an alien. Maybe Google will remember it now? Although their search has been getting increasingly worse in the last year or so, so I doubt it.

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