The man writes like an angel

Which is appropriate for a priest.


Perhaps the best rebuttal of Biblical literalism I have seen so far, from Real Live Preacher:

I've struggled with the bible all of my life. I believe it is far less clear than many of you would like. On this issue, I have chosen my path and will stick by my interpretation.

Perhaps there will come a day when we meet "The Man Upstairs", as folks in Texas sometimes refer to God. On that day, I will know and be known. I believe Grace will cover the sins of honest seekers of scriptural truth. Since none of us read the bible the same way, we better�hope so.

He's referring to his initial post on homosexuality and the Bible, and his subsequent explanation; lest you think he's just a priest who knows his scripture, he also has wondrous tales to tell about tamales and the people who make them (be sure to read the brief, but equally fantastically-written follow-up).

I occasionally decide to not read his posts because I don't have time at the moment. Perhaps this is his greatest achievement.


Is a paintbrush an endless use item or limited use item?

It's a one-use item.

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