What exactly constitues a phallic symbol?

Feminists are protesting about giant phallic symbols (including 9-foot snow penises at Harvard University), but fatuously also complaining about missiles. Quite simply: penises don't separate themselves from the body and explode.

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Feminists are apparently complaining about phallic symbols. I'm not too bothered about the fact that they're complaining - after all, this is from the Harvard Crimson Online, the Harvard University journal, and some jocks did recently build a giant 9 foot penis made of snow (third photo) in a public place. The feminists dismantled it fairly soon, with notably the aid of a cardboard tube, which is presumably why Penny Arcade linked to it. (They have a thing about cardboard tubes: origin story, fight against game-hoarding old Chinese guys, beating up kids, just kind of there, part of a super-hero outfit, destroyer of huge alien things.)

But I digress. You can go on about how they're taking things too seriously - I mean, members of hockey team pull prank on campus, film at 11 - but the thing that annoyed me was the following:

She said the snow penis follows a long line of public phallic symbols, including the Washington Monument and missiles.

Now, the Washington Monument, maybe. But missiles? They're not long and thin because they're supposed to look like penises. They're long and thin because that's how they can travel through the air really fast.

I mean, there's almost nothing phallic about a missile when you actually think about it for a second. Missiles are designed to sit around doing nothing for a long time (OK, so far we've got a similarity, but bear with me), then eventually, once they're used, they detach themselves from the earth and fly off at great speed, until they hit something, at which point they explode.

Now, I can guarantee that any guy reading this, and then thinking "hey, maybe my penis is like a missile?" will almost immediately shudder and think about other things. If they're missile designers, if anything, they'll make their stuff look less like a penis. I mean, and I may be going out on a limb here, most men do not want their penis to detach itself and explode. It's a matter of pride here.

No, the feminists may be right about phallic symbols, but missiles aren't one of them. Now pneumatic drills, on the other hand...


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The baby quiggle isn't that bad. At least one species of frog (Eleutherodactylus jasperi) bears live young, and there are some toads that do as well. :) But a tadpole would have been much more exciting, I agree.

Update: the Baby Quiggle is now no longer on the rainbow pool list ;-)

A plushie pet?.. Posted on the Chat boards just a minute ago...

im good at html.. ah well any ways the baby pteri is just sooooooooooo cute!!! i want one!!

You can see all the plushie skeith poses here: http://www.illuminated.co.uk/neopets/overview.cgi?colour=plushie&species=skeith There don't seem to be any other plushie pets, though.

And now the plushie skeith is official! As is the baby quiggle. I wonder what the plushie paint brush looks like?

Yeah, me and the others on NbN are talking about the plushie p/b. I think it's one of TNT worst paintbrush mistake, as well as thier stupidest.

On the down side, a plushie pet might tend to get the stuffing beat out of him in the battledome. :)

This is definitely odd... if you refresh the skeith page, the pictures will alternate between blue and green. It seems to be totally random. Maybe there will be more colors later?

Having got back from the pub, I just want to say that I'm impressed about the community that seems to have formed here :-). Please take this thread to the new Plushie-related post, though ;-).

...Where did adam say there'd be an evil meridell paintbrush? Like the "draconian" pets? That would be VERY nice. The cutesy players get baby, faerie, christmas, rainbow, and now plushie! All the evil players get are mutant, ghost and halloween. Not that that isn't enough...I ADORE mutants (even if they changed the mutant chia, my favorite neopet ever, into that stupid artichoke-looking one...I still resent that. I want the slimy one back!!!) but there needs to be one or two more creepy colors to even it out.

My friends and I are wondering WHEN IS THERE GOING TO BE A BABY CYBUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

baby pteri ADORABLE!!!! baby quiggle not that bad......Plushie skieth ok....merridel pb...I WISH!! WE need evil things!

I can't wait till they take those blasted orange/red spots off the purple pets!

hello, the prices of neopet paintbrushes etc. are outrageous! the only way to gain that much np is to play for 1,000,000,000 years! And be on the computer 24 7.... I think that for the more unforntunate neopetowners the neopet staff should create some sort of welfare thing, with a loaning department that you have to pay by a certain date or something like that......well lets hear YOUR comments maybe we could persuade neopet staff to lower the prices of stuff so we can actually buy it!!!!!!!!

Yep, the prices of P/bs are crazy, I wanna paint my pet baby, but it impossible. :(

I dont care about the price...baby PBs r sooo cute...some idiot was actually selling it 4 99,999k and i bought it...lol

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