March 2004 Archives

You've got mail

It's not spam - hooray! It's from lawyers - boo!

I got mail yesterday. The interesting thing wasn’t so much that it was from’s legal department - I run a Neopets fan site, after all - nor was the content (pretty standard scarygram boilerplate) anything to write home about. And I was only slightly surprised that they couldn’t bother to spell my name properly. (There’s no ‘s’ in Kington, folks.)

No, what got me was the presentation.

Their email was written in 12 point purple Comic Sans.

Purple Comic Sans? In a legal letter? That’s like getting a death threat in crayon.

Calling all Tolkien fans

Return of the King, now in bite-sized livejournal parody format.

There's nothing inherently quotable, but any self-respecting human should read the fantastically named Molly J Ringraith's
parodies of The Two Towers and The Return of the King. (Fellowship of the Ring is forthcoming.) Warning: it's slightly slash-tastic. Via Andrew Ducker.

Incidentally, if for some reason you have deprived of your sentience by court order in the recent month, or maybe you were kidnapped by a ravening gang of mutant were-manatees and have only recently managed to manufacture a rope out of your pubic hair and escape, or if for any other reason you have not seen the films - well, see them first.