Crufty Open Source interfaces, part 94

Poking fun at the Open Source weenies

there should be some sort of solidarity among computer people, from the toolmaker-gods on down to the tech-support weenies - not a "keep out the barbarian hordes" kind of solidarity, but more of a "let's not make this any harder on each other than we have to" solidarity. Every developer out there who writes "X_Graph_Bork Error 452" in a pop-up instead of "I'm expecting X, but I only see Y. You can get X from..." really is ruining things for the rest of us just to save a few keystrokes.

There's some more interesting (and well-written) stuff at the the guy's blog. Got this from mpt.

Similarly, from JWZ:

"RottenFlesh effortlessly generates parodies of stupid software submitted to With RottenFlesh, you can effortlessly mock the open-source establishment. RottenFlesh stays crunchy in milk."