We appear to have acquired another dog

Her name is Habibi, and she was lost / abandoned in the Botanic Gardens about 10 days ago. A local dog rescue person found her, and asked if we'd put her up for a few days while she found an owner. It's looking like we might end up being said owner.

Habibi Neferet Nightshade

She's a Basenji-something cross, she's perfectly house-trained, she's gentle, and she gets on fine with our current two. We looked through a bunch of Egyptian and Arabic names, and after some thought decided on Habibi Neferet - partly because she'll hear her name spoken whenever I play Cheb Mami's version of Viens Habibi. (That Basenji are supposed to not bark, unless raised amongst other dogs, and the song was written by the French singer my dad used to call Charles Has No Voice, is merely icing on the cake.) Neferet is merely one of the more pronounceable Egyptian names (it means beautiful woman).

And yes, she's got a middle name. The others do as well - Berkeley's is Baskerville (Cleodhna's friend Kevin thought he looked like a Baskerville), and Laszlo's is Mammocker (to mammock is, according to the Dictionary of Early English, to break or tear into fragments into shreds - something that Laszlo does regularly with great efficiency).